What We Do

Organic waste management

We provide practical solutions to individuals, groups and county governments on management of organic wastes. Green villages also utilize various technologies to turn livestock manure and other agricultural wastes into granulated manure. We also support organizations in setting up such enterprises by recommending the right technologies, equipment and proving business planning for the same.

Aggregation and market services

Green villages plays aggregation role by organizing farmers within a locality and providing markets for a given commodity. We adopt simple approaches of warehouse receipting and an advanced payment method to ensure the process is sustainable

Business networking & financial services

Are you a youth group, a small CBO or a ‘Chama” focused on achieving sustainable business growth? Are you struggling to set up an enterprise and can not make much progress due to lack of adequate networks or finances? Do not worry, this is our work. Green villages facilitate B2B networking and linkages to various forms of financial services especially for agricultural value chains and forest services. Visits us today